Spring Adventure#1 ~ Unveil Self Soul Magnificence

Spring Adventure#1 ~ Unveil Self Soul Magnificence


This pic is of the Pyrenees, from the 800Km walk across France-Spain, the Camino De Santiago 

Join Spring Adventure#1 ~ Unveil Self Soul Magnificence 

Participate in this Spring Adventure across spaces, across 7 weeks.
Spring is celebrated in diverse ways across the planet. My experiences have been celebrating Holi, Festival of Colours, creating Martisoare (Romanian tradition), welcoming Chinese New Year, noticing nature/life beauty unfold itself despite the ‘snow’!
Inspired by spring magnificence, I invite you to turn the mirror to your Soul this week, even if life has its ups/down.

What is the celebration of Your Soul Magnificence?
3 Tips: Try this out at least Once! (a day 😉 … ok ok a week 🙂 )
– Creativity ~ Write, Paint, Play Music, Sing, Cook, Nature Walks …
– Discovery ~ Notice what and/or who you appreciate deeply? Reflect on what does that mirror in yourself …
– Share Your Soul ~ Authentic Self Expression ~ Come together with family/friends to share with a good laugh/cry.
Post on this page too please – a photograph, a story, 1 line … https://www.facebook.com/PracticeofSatsang.ConsciousLiving?ref=br_tf

PS: Like the colours of Holi, notice the beauty in the chaos 😉
Do not even attempt to be perfect. Enjoy the path. Adventure.
Watch out for Week#2’s Adventure.



Detailed Tips, Questions and Practices for Practice of Satsang with the Core of OneSelf in the publication – Practice of Satsang, PS: Conscious Living ~ Celebrating the Truth of Who You Are

But nothing like Action Learning 😉



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